Female tattoos allow to distinguish a girl from the crowd, to emphasize her femininity, charm, beauty of certain parts of her body, to form an individual style and image. Therefore, in the choice of tattoos, the representatives of the weaker sex show special scrupulousness.
Special requirements for female tattoos, is the visual beauty of the tattoo, its individuality and at the same time the tattoo should carry a certain meaning. The tattoo should reflect the inner world, the character and desires of the owner of the tattoo. Therefore, most often girls choose tattoos with romantic and plant motifs.

Most often, female tattoos are made on the leg, on the neck, on the waist and on the back.

The modern tattoo is rich in color and patterns. It's no secret that any tattoo carries a secret meaning, that's why the choice of drawing is a purely individual matter. Some put a tattoo on the body to stand out from the crowd, others consider it to be their amulet, the third - as a masking of the scar or other skin imperfections. A lot of those who paint the whole body with tattoos, believing that it is very fashionable and beautiful. In this article we will talk about female tattoos. What are they - fashionable tattoos for girls 2018?

Tattoos have come to our everyday life for a very long time. Even in ancient times, girls did not deny themselves the opportunity to make a tattoo, thereby showing other people what is most important and valuable to them in life. After the adoption of Orthodoxy in Russia, tattoos were banned and returned only at the beginning of the 19th century. More often than not, girls fill tattoos full of desire to emphasize their beauty and personality. Let's try to understand what the main trends can be traced in female tattoos in 2018.

The main trend of 2018 is the images of birds. You can depict one bird or a whole flock. The most actual and popular birds on the female body are the hummingbird, owl, swallow. Some supplement the image with a pen.

In addition, often in the tattoo parlors, clients who want to capture the representatives of the animal world address themselves. And here in the first place is the image of a cat. Probably, the theme of cats will be relevant at all times, since this animal as well as possible reflects the feminine essence - cats are by their nature independent, independent, cunning and at the same time affectionate and intelligent. It is these girls who prefer tattoos in the form of cats.

No less relevant are tattoos and with wild animals. Most often - a fox or a wolf.

Also do not disregard the tattoo with images of mythical characters - elves, heroes of fairy tales and others.

Very interesting in 2018 looks like tattoos with the image of an angel - this symbol can be and as a talisman, protecting from adversity. Angel looks very romantic and feminine.

Another fashion trend in 2018 were flowers, in the salons most often the masters are engaged in filling roses and lilies on a female body. It is these colors that are most in demand.

One can not help saying that in the fashion - inscriptions made in Latin. The meaning of such tattoos is known only to its owner. Do not lag behind them and tattoos with names: as a rule, these are the names of close people - parents, children, a loved one.

Also in the trend are tattoos made in the shape of a bracelet on the wrist.

Some people prefer to make a tattoo on an unnamed finger in the form of an engagement ring. As we see, there are a lot of options, depending on taste preferences, you can choose exactly what the soul asks.

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Arthur Script Tattoos
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Skywalker Tattoos
Package Holiday Edinburgh Tattoos
Cool Superhero Tattoos
Male Female Skull Tattoos
Batman Belt Tattoos
God Damn Sam Tattoos
Odin Valhalla Tattoos
Mexican Irish Tattoos
Chris Viking Tattoos
Joseph Dunmire Tattoos